Worldpackers App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

Worldpackers App Reviews 2017 brand logoMany travellers today are looking for experiences that enrich them in all senses of the word, opting for new services like the Worldpackers app. The Worldpackers app exchanges travel expenses like accommodation for work in the host country.

Essentially, the travellers work for their accommodation, gaining firsthand experience not only of the country’s work and language or communication, but of the daily grind in different ways. Our latest Worldpackers app reviews look closer at the travel app service’s offers, company background and history, and what users think of using them:

The App’s Services and Features

The Worldpackers app connects budget-conscious and experience-seeking travellers with work at more than 100 host countries. Work – ranging from work exchange to volunteering opportunities in hostels, NGOs, social projects, schools, permaculture institutes, and organic farms – will exchange their accommodation expenses, significantly cutting off their own travel expenses by as much as 60%.

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You can share up to 23 work skills on the Worldpackers app, get personal work recommendations or options, and notifications when your host replies to your request. So, it works like a job hunter, giving you access to interesting fields of work that match your skills. Also, Worldpackers app’s Travel Buddies are with you every step of the way in case you need them or their support.

By living with the host country’s locals and working for your accommodation, travellers turn into citizens of the world, not only gaining valuable work experience but opportunities to learn about a country and culture firsthand and filling in the gap years during your summer break, vacation, sabbatical, so you can journey on a budget.

Reviews of Customers

Worldpackers App Reviews 2017 travellerSo far, 2,174 Worldpackers app reviews gave the mobile app a high rating score: 4.6 stars out of 5. Some Worldpackers app reviews call it an “Awesome app for budget travel junkies;” others meanwhile have the following to say: “The idea of this app is great. It’s helpful for travelers and on the other hand its helpful for the society,” and “It’s simply amazing! The opportunity to travel and work as a volunteer itself is made easy and convenient.”

Many people who encountered the Worldpackers app like the idea, motivating others to learn more about it or try it out. Calling it variously “fun,” easy, and “brilliant,” reviewers discovered how the app could help them travel and encourage other interests or activities.

How To Reach Them?

Interesting Travel App Service

Worldpackers App Reviews 2017 banner useBased on reading many positive Worldpackers app reviews, I discovered that this app’s one of the most innovative effective ways to learn more about the world, whether or not you’re backpacking across continents and simply need more finances. Staying with a local and experiencing a country’s work culture can immerse a traveller in ways that the Worldpackers app introduces to many.

With a lot of Worldpackers app reviews calling the idea “awesome,” the Worldpackers app attracts generations of travellers who are conscious of their budgets and other experiences in their host country.

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