WorldMate App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

Travelling the world is an experience that can be enhanced with the right tools and services that do anything from give you more information about your flight to guiding you around new places, such as the WorldMate app.

WorldMate app reviews present users’ experiences with the travel app WorldMate, and provide us with a perspective of its services and how people use them.

Services and Features

On WorldMate app’s “smart and informative” homescreen, you can begin planning, booking, and managing every aspect of your trip.

To get started, users can forward their flight details such as airline, hotel, car rental, and even OpenTable confirmation emails to The WorldMate app will automatically organize your trips, send you flight alerts, and recommend great hotels for booking, and more, storing all the vital information to manage and organize your trip. Other app features are maps and navigation, sharing trip details, and calendar synchronization.

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App users can stay updated in real time with everything related to their trip with pushed flight alerts, flight reminders, while you can gain more information about travel-related topics by locating the best flight routes or learning directions to get to an unfamiliar place via the Get Directions icon, and gain in-depth management of your travel details by viewing all your past trips or viewing what’s next on your trip itinerary using the Travel Widget, while availing of many other app features. The WorldMate app has the following travel tools to keep you informed about all aspects of your trip: weather forecast, currency converter, and world clocks.

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The latest new and improved version of the WorldMate app lets users sync flights, meetings, and more to your mobile device’s native calendar, choose your favorite calendar: Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, and more, and maintain data on all past trips.

You can download the WorldMate app from this link from their official website.

Reviews of Customers

Here is what one of the WorldMate app reviews wrote about them, “Awesome! Better than TripIt, by far. This app is incredibly easy to use, and I never have errors. I book my travel through a corporate travel agency and then forward my confirmation to WorldMate. Within minutes I get an email confirming the success of my new itinerary. I can then share a clear, concise itinerary with my family or anyone else I choose. I print the detailed itinerary to keep with me, just in case of tech problems. Everything can be viewed or modified either on the app or by web. Couldn’t be easier!”

WorldMate app reviews expressed that it looked and functioned well, was easy to use, and comprehensive.

How To Reach Them?

Concluding Words

WorldMate App Reviews 2017 logo iconHowever, the WorldMate app’s services will be ending by the end of March 2017. With this, many reviewers shared that the app had helped them throughout their travels.

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