The online travel agency industry continues to grow in 2018. With dozens of travel websites that claim to offer the ‘best’ and ‘cheapest’ commodities to travelers, you need to evaluate your personal needs before booking a ticket. So today, let me introduce to you a website called This OTA is among the pioneers of the industry. Why use FlightHub? Let’s take a look at the benefits of this Canadian OTA.

What is FlightHub?

FlightHub is an online travel agency based in Ontario, Canada. The business was launched as an offline travel agency more than 20  years ago. Back then, they served locals and tourists from their Ontario office. When the internet became publicly used, they were one of the first travel companies to utilize the technology to expand their reach. The company is composed of a team of travel agents, software developers, web developers, designers, customer service representatives, and data analysts. Today, they offer airline tickets, hotel rooms, and car rental services.

Reasons to use FlightHub

Why Use FlightHub - Convenience

  1. Convenience is a key factor

Time is essential for everyone living in today’s society. Fast-paced lifestyles have become more common over the years especially those living in metropolitan areas around the world. This means that people are bound to seek the services which take the least of their time. FlightHub’s online booking and online payments process make things easier for the end-user.

Their website accentuates this favorable characteristic. If you wish to book an airline ticket, you may easily do so by using the site to search for your desired flight. Almost immediately after making your purchase, you will receive a message via email confirming your flight and also giving you your e-ticket. It’s a truly fast and reliable which makes it one of our favorite OTAs today.

Why Use FlightHub - Cheap tickets

  1. Affordable booking prices

Many argue that if you wish to get the cheapest booking, you have to buy them directly from the supplier. This has already been proven in the past. In fact, most online travel agencies thrive by providing some of the most budget-friendly flight tickets in the industry. Some people believe that doing the legwork to find the cheapest deal is worth every penny, but when you calculate the costs of the ticket, booking fees, and other extra charges required by a real-life travel agent—whether from the direct sellers or otherwise—you will realize that online travel agencies can cut down your total travel costs. While it’s true that OTAs charge you for booking, cancellations, or changes, their direct connection with the providers give them an advantage over their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Why Use FlightHub - Control

  1. You have more control over your bookings

There is something truly rewarding about booking your own travel bookings online. Finding the perfect flight or hotel with an affordable price is basically hitting the jackpot. FlightHub promises to provide these deals by allowing customers to declare if they found a cheaper ticket from other online travel agencies. In such occasions, FlightHub will do their best to match the ticket price just for you. This means that you have more control over your travel cost.

How FlightHub does it

If you’re used to booking travel services directly from the supplier, you may wonder how FlightHub manages to make things cheaper despite the fact that they are simply distributors. How do they make money while simultaneously reducing their prices? It all boils down to how all online travel agencies do business.

OTAs are companies who partner with different airlines, hotels, car rentals, and even cruise lines from different countries. This direct connection gives FlightHub access to promos, discounts, and unsold bookings offered at a much cheaper price.

Try FlightHub today

If you like to travel, you may want to consider using This online travel agency helps take off the stress and frustration. The cheap prices, reliable customer service, and instant booking process truly deserves some attention. However, if you would like to know more about their fees, cancellation policies, and more, kindly visit their Terms and Conditions page.

So, why use FlightHub? Let us know what you think about this OTA in the comments section below!

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