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Getting the perfect hotel room is possible with Stayful. The website and app from the United States offers users deals on hotels’ unsold rooms. In this way, the company seeks to revolutionise the way we do travel. Stayful does the hotels a great service helping them get rid of unused accommodations while helping travellers save.

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In our Stayful reviews, we look at the travel website and application that offers rooms at discounted prices and how its users think of their service.

Background, History, and More Information

Stayful, headquartered in New York, also has an office in San Francisco. The travel website gives people access to rooms from independent and boutique hotels at lower prices and at a lower distribution cost in the hotel’s part. Independent, boutique hotels sum Stayful up entirely. Stayful stresses the value and the experiences in hotels of these kind.

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They were founded by former president of and former president of corporate travel at Expedia Sheryl Rosner, and Shariq Minhas, who had run engineering teams at Hotwire, Expedia, Jigsaw, and FanIQ. By 2015, Stayful launched in 25 cities across the United States and Canada.

Reviews/ What Users Have to Say

One of the Stayful reviews responded to a forum on TripAdvisor. The original writer wanted to know if it was safe to use Stayful. He had checked out their prices online and wanted more information about their services and people’s experiences using them.

“I’ve made a booking with Stayful for the PUBLIC Hotel in Chicago. The transaction was seamless and the hotel was just as described on the website. Great location and great price… I was satisfied and would book via Stayful again in the future,” responded the most recent Stayful reviews. Most of the Stayful reviews were similar, and generally people had positive experiences with the service.

Their Official Website

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Stayful’s site is simple. Images depict various aspects of their hotels. On the homepage, one can see the hotel’s images, star rating, and a brief description that can inspire, guide, and help you make your decision. These hotel icons take up most of the page. They show the best hotels and the ones in Stayful’s most popular cities.

Visitors can subscribe to Stayful’s News & Updates, here. Meanwhile, the site features their own blog with articles on all things travel. Connect with Stayful on their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. For more information, updates, and offers about Stayful, view their Twitter account here.

Stayful has an app that makes checking in and checking out and other tasks easier. It can be downloaded, here. Stayful reviews found using the app a help; it offered a number of unique discounts and the availability of a concierge rather than a bot.

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Contact Details:

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: (855) I‑STAYFUL
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: New York, United States of America

In Conclusion

Stayful Reviews 2017 brand iconAfter checking out some facts about Stayful, I can say that using it will depend on your situation or if you really had found a cheaper price on their site. It will take firsthand experience to see whether they work closely with their hotels or treat their customers a certain way.

What can you say about our Stayful reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!


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