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LateStays brand logo ReviewsIf you’ve ever been pressed to book the best-priced hotel accommodation, you may find that close to your intended date, travel companies and agencies can specialise in giving you good discounts on the accommodations than different arrangements.

Check out our LateStays reviews to learn more about how a travel website service – –  can help its customers save big with discounts on last-minute accommodations.

A Look at Their History

LateStays is powered by Expedia brand, and is operated by Asia Web Direct Co., Ltd., which is a collection of booking websites of which and are part. is a travel website where users can search for hotels at last-minute prices: with LateStays, “discounts come first.”  According to LateStays reviews, “This website is designed to be simple and very user friendly, geared towards sourcing the best deals.”

People’s Comments About the Service

The most recent LateStays reviews are dated way back to 2009 wherein a TripAdvisor thread discussed the service’s merits and whether or not it was a cheaper alternative to booking direct with the hotel. Majorly, the LateStays reviews commented that LateStays operates like your average online travel agency though these noticed that their prices weren’t always the cheapest ones; comparing the two booking methods, one of the LateStays reviews says, “However booking with the hotel can produce results as well…asked one hotel to match price of latestays which they did, when we arrived we found they had upgraded us by two room types a saving on the latestays price of 1800 baht a night.”

Since this and other LateStays reviews write that people repeatedly got better rates calling the hotel directly rather than using a travel website, LateStays in particular doesn’t have much else to offer other than prices other sites have better rates of.

Checking Out Their Official Website

LateStays website ReviewsThe language is in English by default, though the option to interchange the user interface is showing at the upper right hand portion of the homepage. The layout and design – typical – is displayed in LateStays’ electric blue and yellow colour scheme which enhances the overall appearance of their site. However, what is really frustrating about the website is that you’ll have to scroll down using the arrow keys as the mouse or scrolling feature isn’t available.

Like other travel websites, LateStays displays their featured places, top destinations, and popular destinations from all over the world to inspire and guide their visitors. You can read up on all of these from the homepage; the places shown on the website feature the hotel’s star-rating and price. As with their featured places below the search engine, more comprehensive information is shown about the hotel and these choices usually include the hotel’s discount-off data.

Furthermore, for the visually inclined, the main attraction of the website is their moving image of a clear sea continuously lapping at the shore of a beachside dotted with palm trees. This image, reminiscent of other airlines’ websites, is one of the most memorable items from their site.

Contact information

Late and Never

LateStays logo ReviewsLateStays is your last resort: if you want a proper stay at a hotel, try booking late but with the right agency that has the good rates and reliability that all travel companies should have.

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