The world is huge and full of excitement. Those who seek to expand their horizons turn to traveling as a means to satisfy their craving. However, many still worry that such a hobby is mainly reserved for the elite, or at least those who have a significant amount of money. This mindset has long been disproven by budget travelers who buy tickets via online travel agencies.

In this post, we’ll talk about This online travel agency is based in the US and claims to make traveling affordable and accessible to everyone. Is JustFly Legit? In this post, we’ll evaluate this company through their services, customer reviews, and overall usability.

About JustFly

JustFly offers the following travel essentials: airline tickets, hotel accommodations, car rental services, and tickets to cruise trips. The US-based company launched on February of 2014 and has continued to gather thousands of customers over the years. According to their website, JustFly wants to sell the cheapest tickets despite the competitive nature of online travel agencies. They want their online platform to be the go-to site for travelers looking for the most essential travel services while providing jobs for the world’s best travel experts.

How do they do it?

JustFly uses a strategy that most travel agencies use. They develop partnerships with different airlines around the world, giving them first access to exclusive promos and discounts. JustFly has partnered with more than 400 airlines and thousands of hotels as well as cruise companies. Just recently, JustFly partnered with numerous car rental services too.

What you need to know is that JustFly is a third party reseller. This means that while they have access to the tickets, they have no direct control over the quality of service that you will receive on your booking of choice. We suggest that you do your research about the airline, hotel, etc that you’ll be booking with before even making a purchase.

JustFly customer reviews

One rule of the thumb when analyzing an online travel agency’s legitimacy is by looking at some customer reviews. JustFly received mixed opinions from their customers, yet surprisingly, the majority of them were very happy with the company’s services. Here are some of the latest JustFly reviews for you to read.

Is JustFly Legit - JustFly review 1

I have used this site for my air travels and have been truly satisfied with all features. The insurance protection is great!! I had to cancel my flight and they refunded everything in a very short time frame. I would select Justly over any of the other booking sites.

— Shelley

Is JustFly Legit - JustFly review 2

It is an absolutely amazing source of reducing your expenses on the flight by finding/ comparing several routes and analyzing what might work the best for you.

Highly recommend Justfly.

— Ivan

Is JustFly Legit - JustFly review 3

I was thinking in booking a fly for a while but the prices were to high, and just wait to see if they can be cheaper in different sites. I checked on justfly and I saw the price for this fly and booked it, the itinerary is close how I liked it, so, so far so good, was very quick and easy to do.

— Janice

Is JustFly Legit - JustFly review 4

This booking site provided a look at an opportunity that I thought was only once in a lifetime. The emails and easy booking services JustFly provides are great. I’d give a five-star if I did not need to use Kayak for ease of navigation through the information. Would recommend!

— James Bryan

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