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HotelsClick brand logo ReviewsProminent travel website HotelsClick confirms the trend of people turning to the Internet to plan their holidays and vacations. The company’s business knowledge and ICT skills position it among the world’s leaders in online travel reservations as the “new way to reserve your hotel on-line.”

Our HotelsClick reviews overview their company description, customers’ comments, and the features of their website towards assessing their services.

Service Background

HotelsClick banner ReviewsHotelsClick was established in 2006 and is now among the leading online travel reservation websites, according to their HotelsClick reviews. Their site offers planning and selection for hotels, apartments, flights, transfers, ferries, yachts, hostels, tours, and special offers arrangements to organise customers’ trips, wherein they have a selection of more than 150,000 hotels throughout the world.

Most recently, HotelsClick had been focused on expanding their accommodations locations in areas by the sea and in the mountains with global cities London, Paris, and Rome remaining their focus cities. In terms of prospects, HotelsClicks states – after noting people’s reliance on the Internet for their travel reservations –  “For this reason, we want to continue to grow in terms of visibility, popularity and recognition, disseminating our brand on different search engines, hotel comparison sites and affiliated websites.

Comments From Customers

HotelsClick is not free from negative experiences by its customers, and though they acknowledge these HotelsClick reviews, their end hadn’t been able to compensate their clients for their losses, wherein one reviewer shared, “They sent me confirmation for the correct hotel, booked completely the wrong hotel, *** and said everything was alright. I had to find out from the hotel that there was an issue, and pay twice, then ask for a refund from HotelsClick! I would avoid this company at all costs.”

This scenario was repeated in several other HotelsClick reviews; it seems that aside from picking up market trends, HotelsClick manages to set trends not securing their clients’ travel needs. Other HotelsClick reviews advise us to seek another provider. Read more of these HotelsClick reviews, here.

Their Website

HotelsClick official website ReviewsAccording to HotelsClick reviews, users can search for hotels by entering in their destination, name, date, category, and type of room. Accompanying these criteria is the layout and features of HotelsClick – not only displaying hotels but other travel services, and showing photo galleries of hotel rooms, a detailed road map, and user-generated HotelsClick reviews on their pages to help make narrowing down your choices the best and easiest way to plan your holiday with HotelsClick.

With HotelsClick, customers have the option to pay upfront at the hotel after reserving as back up with their credit card. The prices shown on their website are all-inclusive of taxes for finalisation in choosing users’ reservations.

Viewing their official website, we noticed the prominent primary colour scheme and bold design. The site’s language is interchangeable at the top righthand portion of the homepage, and all their travel services are lined up as upper tabs. Also, their best deals, top cities for hotels, and top destinations are shown to guide and inspire. Signing up to their newsletter gives special privileges and exclusive information and ideas.

Meanwhile, you can contact HotelsClick’s customer support either by e-mail, chat or telephone.

Contact information

  • HotelsClick aircraft ReviewsWebsite URL:
  • Contact number: +1.201.7438951 (USA)
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: viale Ancona, 2430172 Mestre, (Venezia), Italia

Turn Off

HotelsClick had been repeating their errors throughout their operations. The mix of HotelsClick reviews doesn’t convince us to trust them, and their attempts to make amends do not satisfy the customers they had greatly offended and who now warn us to stay away from HotelsClick.

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