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HIP Hotels is “A collection of the kind of hotels that make you want to pack your bags and escape – unusual, unique, out of the way,” – which is the definition of the word “HIP” in the travelling world.

HIP Hotels further defines what makes them stand out as an acronym for Highly Individual Places to stay.

They exist as an online showcase for the hippest hotel accommodations in the world – the map of which is also featured as a travel guide for travellers – scouring the most valuable and treasured best-kept secrets of a particular place, city or country to be able to provide their customers with the select hotels worthy of being termed “hip.” Our HIP Hotels reviews take a look at the facets and features that this travel service had built around its reputation as an English service.

View of Their History

HIP Hotels room ReviewsHIP Hotels has its base in Savile Row, London – a place that is most memorable for the centuries-old impeccable tailoring tradition for men that it had become a byword as a center for classic style. From this address, Hip Hotels manages their affairs to represent the best and most beautiful hotels in the world to their clientele.

Their travel group is aware that some travellers are searching for something else to complete and complement their vacations: that is a special place to stay that would make the whole experience much more meaningful, cultured, and memorable. HIP Hotels satisfies your need for a different travel experience with the fresh qualities of the kinds of hotels they offer – no matter where you vacation, with HIP Hotels, you’ll get accommodated in the signature look and feel of their hotels.

More Information About HIP Hotels’ Services

Unfortunately, there are little to no HIP Hotels reviews online from which to base our opinion on. In this case, we will rely on the general appearance of their official website to come up with our own HIP Hotels reviews.

Their site looks larger-formatted than others; it also focuses on making their respective hotels look particularly enticing: unique photographs decorate the whole website – from coloured snapshots to artistic-looking black-and-white shots that all show different angles of the hotels. Site visitors can learn more about destinations and their respective hotels through the daily travel inspiration, videos, official books, and flip books.

HIP Hotels official book ReviewsHIP Hotels has a travel app called HIP Travel which makes the whole experience mobile-friendly. In it, you can be informed with the Around Me feature on the best and nearest places, be able to directly contact hotels, and check out their selections of hotels. The travel app is filled with images and content, and guides you around the place’s culture like homes, restaurants, and nightlife. The app’s users can also share the content on social media networks.

Contact information

Not the Best Travel Website

Since there are no HIP Hotels reviews online, this service can leave people doubting. Their premise is to beautify and add more significance to your vacation, but their presentation could be weak, and could be potentially exclusive.

You can add your own HIP Hotels reviews here below!

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