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Happyrooms brand logo ReviewsGetting a hotel room should require as little stress as humanly possible, and an online travel company like Happyrooms recognises that people need cheap places to stay and a website that they can trust to give them what they want. Our Happyrooms reviews look at what people really think about how the travel website operates.

Origins and Ownership

One of the biggest hotel supply teams in Russia, Happyrooms partners with a number of hotels in Russia and CIS and strives to give their users low rates on accommodations which they were able to lower with their website’s sales offers. Happyrooms’ attempts to gladden their clients cover their customer service support availability at a 24-hour service, who are ready to answer concerns about reservations, issues, and suggestions.

Happyrooms.com is not limited to a desktop but is accessible using customers’ iPhones and iPads for enhanced convenience and on-the-go travel planning. Book a number of hotel types using Happyrooms.com’s search engine and discover the design of their official website and the prices they were able to secure through their efforts.

How People Feel About Them

A Poor rating on Trustpilot reveals that the service’s customers had not been reacting well to Happyrooms.com’s performance; it only garnered a 4.5 star rating out of 10.  “,,,I believe this company should do something to improve website and have customer service to work quickly,” says one of the Happyrooms reviews, since the company often failed to successfully or correctly book their customers’ reservations on multiple separate occasions. This is one of the reasons behind the most recent complaints on Happyrooms reviews citing the service’s unreliability and increasingly bad reputation. Some Happyrooms reviews even recommend others to never use Happyrooms.com based on their negative experiences.

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A Look at Their Website

Happyrooms official website ReviewsWe visited their official website and noticed that the layout and design – in a blue, white, and orange colour scheme – was simple with little features or excessive decorations. It magnified the site’s elements: with a prominent search engine at the left half of the homepage where you can find hotels, apartments, and hostels, and suggestions on where next to go to its right, which include prices and attendant photographs. Like most online travel websites, you can simply commence your travel searches by keying in your intended destinations, your check-in and check-out dates, and number of travellers – also, you can compare the prices on websites similar to Happyrooms.com.

Users can easily select the currency which they want to use before they search.

Direct your concerns and suggestions to Happyrooms.com by sending their Customer Support a completed Feedback Form through this link.

Contact information

What we Think

Happyrooms is an incompetent service that, given their 24-hour customer service availability, probably receives a steady slew of complaints from angry customers. They cannot complete the booking on their own but think of fixing it; they would be better off concentrating not on making people happier but on what they’re supposed to do.

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