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Origins and Ownership

FlightHub is an online travel agency that is based in Ontario, Canada which was established on the web by a team of travel and technological experts who had more than 20 years of experience in the industry, offline. After they decided to dedicate their travel knowledge online, FlightHub developed to become among the country’s most successful and most-used online travel agencies.

Read our FlightHub reviews 2017 to learn more facts and read opinions about the travel company that are available online that form FlightHub’s status as one of Canada’s fastest-growing online travel companies.

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What Users Have to Say

Based on the FlightHub reviews 2017 that we read, users loved using the Ontario-based online travel agency. They wrote that is was easy to use, “user-friendly,” fast, and had the cheapest prices online. For more FlightHub reviews 2017, visit this link.FlightHub App Reviews user

There are also FlightHub reviews 2017 on their official website:

“Met all expectations: I have booked with FlightHub for both Canadian domestic flights, as well as international flights. They has met my expectations in a positive way. No hidden fees, cheaper flights and quick response times with zero hassles. I will definitely be looking at FlightHub first, when booking all of my flights!” While on Feefo, one of the FlightHub reviews 2017 wrote: “Purchase was easy, connections proved to be excellent with good timing allowed between flights. Trip went off with no hitches. Well done. Product rating: Excellent itinerary with good intervals between flights.” Overall, using FlightHub, based on these FlightHub reviews 2017, was a pleasant experience that many people recommend, would use again, or considered help make their trip planning efficient and affordable.

Their Official Website

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FlightHub is a Canada-based agency, so their website is set in Canadian currency by default.  You will have an easy time adjusting the travel search preferences or the settings of the website. Search quickly for flights, hotels, or car rental services on their search engine. Their best deals of the day are displayed at the middle of the homepage unlike most travel websites, showing complete information on these flights, their destinations, and their prices.

FlightHub advertises itself as “Canada’s Cheap Deals” online. Aside from arranging your travel needs online, users can read FlightHub’s Travel Guides to different world cities, popular cities, and popular routes. Another thing that sets FlightHub apart is their instant e ticket delivery, so you won’t have to wait for confirmation any longer.

FlightHub has social media presence on a number of channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, and LinkedIn, among others. For more information, updates, and offers about FlightHub, view their Twitter account here.

Contact Details:

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  • Website URL: http://www.flighthub.com/
  • Contact number: Toll Free: 1-800-900-1431; Direct: 1-647-689-2956
  • Head Office Address: 2340282 Ontario Inc. (FlightHub), 11½ Second Street West, Cornwall, Ontario, K6J 1G3

Concluding Words

FlightHub Reviews wing iconI was really impressed reading the number of FlightHub reviews 2017. The agency’s users had many positive comments about the company; FlightHub’s reputation makes it easy to choose them over others. I would recommend FlightHub according to the experiences in  FlightHub reviews 2017: for their cheap prices and user-friendliness.

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