Tokyo must be the most crowded place on earth; the capital city of Japan is the metropolitan home of more than 30 million people, who making their way through the day pour into Tokyo’s busiest districts, filing outside iconic train stations, shopping in Japan’s world-famous retail centers: living what it is like everyday in a busy city like Tokyo.

5 Busy Places to Visit in Tokyo street

The important characteristic about it is its “busy-ness;” many people have to make their way somehow and trips outside lead into crowds of people heading toward every direction, with lights, noise, and exorbitant traffic adding to the headlong rush in some of the 5 Busy Places to Visit in Tokyo. As with other countries, there are dynamic places in Tokyo that one shouldn’t miss.

1. Shibuya Crossing

5 Busy Places to Visit in Tokyo Shibuya Crossing

Take Shibuya Crossing for instance, where a massive amount of commuters, tourists, or residents traverse the intersection of a Times Square-like area and shopping district, which is probably so crowded due to the Shibuya Station found next to it. Mostly, photographers, videographers, and filmmakers capture this skyline of sorts; take your own pictures from the best vantage point you can find if you don’t like to travel with the pack that moves to the tune of 1,000 people at a time with each green light!

2. Tokyo Station Area

5 Busy Places to Visit in Tokyo Tokyo Station

3,000 trains flit through the Tokyo Station everyday, Tokyo’s main intercity rail terminal. Because of this, thousands of people can get in and out of the city even overnight – to the Kansai and Tōhoku regions – and shop at the commercial centers behind it. To the station’s east is the multi-story Daimaru department store. Tokyo Station links to a number of commercial buildings and shopping centers via an extensive underground system of passageways.

3. Shinjuku Station

5 Busy Places to Visit in Tokyo Shinjuku

Another train station and commuting center, the relatively small but busiest railway station in the world that had handled around 750,000 passengers daily is Shinjuku Station whose three sides see enormous traffic all days of the week. The Guinness World Record-holder rail station is found in Shinjuku, which people from all walks of life choose to call home.

4. Shinbashi

5 Busy Places to Visit in Tokyo Shinbashi

Not quite as busy as western Shinjuku, is business center Shinbashi in central Tokyo. Apparently, it’s even less busy than normal on the weekends; businessmen are its most conspicuous wayfarers who comprise Shinbashi’s weekday morning rushes and made a thriving market of themselves as frequenters in Japan’s after-work business brunches. Many great dining and drinking establishments entertain Shinbashi’s elite working crowd.

5. Takeshita Dori Street

5 Busy Places to Visit in Tokyo Takeshita Dori

This tourist attraction in Shibuya, Japan is a pedestrian shopping street packed with small quirky fashion boutiques, cafes, and restaurants that sell faddish and mostly Japanese stuff and weird food at great prices. Japanese youth frequent the place hunting for “cute” goods and its location across the JR East’s Harajuku Station makes it even more popular.

5 Busy Places to Visit in Tokyo crossing

Diving into Tokyo, Japan is as complex and intricate as the network of districts and neighbourhoods that make the country up. It will take time and people for you to truly understand what makes Tokyo live in their own way.

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