Costa Rica, with its scenic panoramas and diversified natural beauty, always makes it to the lists of the best travel destinations in the world. Whatever brought you to Costa Rica, learning more tips about how to seamlessly integrate yourself into their milieu is vital to living life to the fullest in a nation that is as friendly as it is fun.

What are the 4 Essential Travel Do’s and Don’ts in Costa Rica that travellers or tourists need to know?

Essential Travel Do's and Don’ts in Costa Rica sight

  1. 1. Keeping Up Appearances

Essential Travel Do's and Don’ts in Costa Rica culture

Do dress appropriately and somewhat conservatively, wear clothes suitable to places or events; some clothing are not culturally acceptable to Costa Ricans in certain instances: the absolute lack of it at beaches or too little of it during women’s everyday when they’re ideally to be attired in pants or skirts. Do practice pleasantries and politeness aside from keeping up appearances: effect Costa Rican cultural signs of respect by handshaking someone the first time you meet them or greeting them a good day in Costa Rican.

2. Speaking Spanish

Essential Travel Do's and Don’ts in Costa Rica learn Spanish

Do take a mini crash course in Costa Rican Spanish. No matter how beginner or dependent you are on translation apps, learning those Spanish phrases and greetings will go a long way when you interact with locals, especially in those areas in Costa Rica where English is not as extensively used. Even if Costa Rica’s communication addresses English-speakers more, learning their native Spanish will free you to have a more spontaneous visit and will be greatly appreciated by well-meaning Costa Ricans.

3. In and Out of Costa Rica

Essential Travel Do's and Don’ts in Costa Rica road

Don’t succumb to road rage. Costa Ricans are known for being patient people – more patient than their other American peers – though the wild winding nature of their road infrastructure can drive car drivers to the edge of their seats. Costa Rica’s roads are so built atop their undulating terrain that travelling by car feels like riding a rollercoaster. Remember to keep your patience and remember that Costa Ricans take travelling by car more loosely than other cultures.

4. Mutual Treatment

Essential Travel Do's and Don’ts in Costa Rica hiking trail

Don’t disturb Costa Rica’s nature – protected and clothed with rainforest as it is – and you won’t be done any harm in return. Aside from learning social mores to better know and respect Costa Rican culture and traditions, their nature is one major thing to address as the Central American country is teeming with wildlife and natural habitats to some exotic species of flora and fauna. Don’t pick flowers, collect rocks or seashells, or feed animals no matter how tame they may look. Also, don’t leave the marked forest trails and trample on or risk killing anything. Costa Rica is fierce in preserving their way of life.


With a little headstart, you’ll know exactly how to fit in with Costa Ricans despite any slight language barriers. You’ll realise that Costa Ricans welcome people into their country and would want the best for these tourists as they eke their living here.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our 4 Essential Travel Do’s and Don’ts in Costa Rica review! Feel free to leave your comments here below!

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