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Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport Reviews overviewMetz Nancy Lorraine Airport opened on October 28, 1991, replacing France’s other airports Nancy–Essey and Metz–Frescaty airports. It is operated by G.I.G.A.L. or Groupement Intercommunal de Gestion de l’Aéroport Lorrain and serves the Lorraine région of France: Metz and Nancy.

With each departing and arriving flight, a shuttle bus takes passengers to Metz and Nancy. Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport has a 3,050-meter runway, 7,500 square meter terminal building, and 3,600 square meter cargo terminal. Based on Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport reviews, they had been a hub for DHL from 2000 to 2006, and now offer seasonal and charter flights.

What People Are Saying

The Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport reviews were a mix of positive and negative feedback. However, the most recent Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport reviews commented that the airport was a “Massive waste of potential: North E[a]st France is badly served by regular flights or there are over expensive. This airport in the middle of nowhere is one of the cause and more people (business/tourist would come and go if a decent airport was in place. Conseil General De Lorraine, act now !” Other Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport reviews say that it was a “small” but “formidable” airport.


Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport Reviews interiorAccording to Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport reviews, “The passenger terminal at Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport is spacious, with 14 check-in desks, 3 gates and 2 luggage carrousels and WiFi access. A self-service restaurant serves weekdays at a flat rate.” There are free telephone booths and a mail drop located in the center.

Bars are located on the ground floor, with Brasserie/Bar ‘“Le Mirabelle” found in the central area. Bar Fly is on the first floor. Meanwhile, there is a nursery for child care on the ground floor near the Arrivals Hall.

Hotel Campanile Pont a Mousson and Hotel Les Tuileries are both nearby hotels 10 minutes from Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport, though they do not have airport shuttles.


Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport Reviews directionMetz Nancy Lorraine Airport is located in Goin, 16.5 km southeast of the city of Metz and north of Nancy. It can be accessed using the A31 (Nancy-Metz) when you take the Exit 28 to “AeroportRegional” east on D910.

Location – Traffic – Service

Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport Reviews airlineIn 2014, Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport had accommodated 245,781 passengers which was a 1.1% increase from the previous year’s passenger counts. According to Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport reviews, the French airport is served by a number of domestic and  international airlines which offer direct and connecting flights all over the globe, as well as seasonal scheduled and charter flights to popular vacation destinations.

For a comprehensive list of the destinations of Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport, using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link.

News and Awards

There are not much news about Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport though they were one of French regional airline Chalair’s three new seasonal routes from Perpignan, the other two towards Bordeaux and Geneva. These flights were twice-weekly on Thursdays and Sundays until September 11, 2016. These three used Chalair’s 46-seat ATR 42 fleet, facing no other competition.

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Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport Reviews aerial viewMetz Nancy Lorraine Airport is interesting on so many levels; using it is a unique experience though they should note suggestions in Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport reviews.

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