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Mariscal Sucre International Airport overview ReviewsQuito, Ecuador’s capital city, is the fastest-growing city in the country and had been declared a “World Cultural Heritage” for its unique history and cultural heritage. The city is an important arrival and transfer point towards other destinations of Ecuador such as the Galapagos Islands, which is a wildlife archipelago renowned for its fantastic species of rare plants and animals. Ecuador’s diverse landscape attracts many vacationers eager to view the rolling hills and high jungles of the country – tourists in this Latin American enclave discover new things each day as they transit through Mariscal Sucre International Airport:

With the natural terrain surrounding Ecuador, authorities had moved their old Mariscal Sucre International Airport on to the Oyambaro plain to accommodate the nation’s growing tourism and airport activity. According to Mariscal Sucre International Airport reviews, Mariscal Sucre International Airport is the busiest airport in Ecuador and among the busiest airports in South America.


Mariscal Sucre International Airport dining ReviewsMariscal Sucre International Airport services ReviewsPeople are accommodated by the assistance which Mariscal Sucre International Airport provides to passengers with concerns in the airport. Fliers can find an airport information desk in the public departure area with a tourist information point (tel: (02) 281 8363) in International Arrivals.

Mariscal Sucre International Airport’s Duty Free has three shops and a boutique strategically located throughout, which sell luxury items and accessories, chocolate, and clothing. These shopping advantages include ordering at the International Departures shop and picking up of the ordered items at International Arrivals shop upon return or landing.

Meanwhile, consult this link for a view into the dining options at Mariscal Sucre International Airport. Cafés, restaurants, and snack bars are located at both the airport’s landside and airside. Food range from typical Mexican and Ecuadorian cuisines, fast food, and specialty or themed bars and eateries that serve authentic American or local dishes.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

Mariscal Sucre International Airport interior hall ReviewsOut of 435 Mariscal Sucre International Airport reviews, the Ecuadorian airport garnered a 4.1-star rating, and reviewers agree that the processing inside was swift: there was no queuing, and the employees demonstrated expert handling of the fliers. The amenities inside are adequate and the people were efficient, friendly, and professional.


Mariscal Sucre International Airport directions ReviewsMariscal Sucre International Airport is located in the Tababela Parish, on the Caraburo Plateau, where it lies around 20 km east of the City of Quito. The airport has an elevation of 2,400 meters and can be reached via a 50-min taxi drive to the city center using the newly opened “Collas Road;” other ways to arrive at Mariscal Sucre International Airport are by using the  Parroquia Tababela S/N via a Yaruqui.

If you are originating from central Quito, drive eastwards along the E28 highway using Cumbayå towards Tumbaco, then at Pifo, direct northwards onto the E35. Three km on the E35, drivers will branch off the road to lead directly towards Mariscal Sucre International Airport.

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Mariscal Sucre International Airport aerial view ReviewsMariscal Sucre International Airport has the longest runway in Latin America, and had accommodated 5.8 million passengers in 2015. The airport is a hub to AeroGal, LAN Ecuador, and TAME, and serves as a focus city for LAN Peru; it is Ecuadorian flag carrier TAME’s largest hub. Several other domestic and international airlines fly direct and connecting flights to other points in the world.

For a comprehensive list of the destinations of Mariscal Sucre International Airport, using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link.

News and Awards

The current Ecuadorian airport opened in February 2013, with access roads leading to the facility in progress. The Mariscal Sucre International Airport is going to be 85% completed with the installation of 6 more boarding bridges.

Mariscal Sucre International Airport has been recognised as “South America’s Leading Airport” by World Travel Awards for the third year running. Also in 2016, the airport was globally on the sixth rank in the category of 5 to 10 million passengers per year. Mariscal Sucre International Airport received four stars for the “high standards of quality offered to its users and passengers.”

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Mariscal Sucre International Airport parking area ReviewsMariscal Sucre International Airport, with time, can better represent Ecuador and drive tourism to their naturally attractive region with the positive Mariscal Sucre International Airport reviews.

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