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Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Reviews 2017 exteriorGuangzhou Baiyun International Airport, one of China’s largest and busiest airports, markets itself as “Baiyunport.” This major airport is located in the capital of Guangdong province: Guangzhou, as the city’s main airport. Its IATA code CAN derives from the historical romanization of Guangzhou: Canton. CAN gets the name Baiyun from the Chinese word for “white cloud,” referring to the Baiyun Mountain “Baiyunshan” which is also near downtown Guangzhou as it is to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

Our Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport reviews look closer at the airport’s main services, what are its available establishments, how to get there, airport reviews from passengers, and more information.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

Based on 182 Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport reviews, CAN was rated with an average of 4 stars out of 10. Reviewers note it was “clean” and had efficient customs, especially for departures.

The most recent positive Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport reviews noted “All signs are in English as well as Chinese, so no problem at all finding my way around. The airport is light, clean and modern, queuing times for documentation were fast and efficient. Nice shops selling beautiful Chinese clothing, and hand crafts of all kinds at re[a]sonable prices. I travel a lot through many international airports and found Guangzhou just fine. One thing I will say was it was a little cold, so if you have a jacket take it in your carry on luggage so you can be comfortable.”


Despite the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport reviews reporting many travellers and airport employees smoking all over the place, the facility was described as “fairly modern.”

There are information desks on the first and third floors of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport’s terminal building, staffed by English-speaking information officers. Travellers find a number of cafes and restaurants offering both Western and Chinese cuisine at both arrivals and departures. There are retailers, a convenience store in the terminal building, and a Duty Free.

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Connect to the airport’s “AIRPORT-WIFI-FREE” network for 300 free minutes of WiFi Internet. Other services at CAN are currency exchanges, drinking fountains, massages, showers, spa and salon services, changing services, children’s playrooms, and mobile charging. The main terminal also has a movie theatre open from 7 to 9 am.


Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, 28 km from Guangzhou City, borders to the north on the town of Renhe in the Baiyun District and to the east on the town of Xinhua in the Huadu District. Driving from the city centre of Guangzhou, take the 35-minute drive along the S41 northbound, leading directly into the airport terminal.

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Location – Traffic – Service

CAN is a hub for 9 Air, China Southern Airlines, FedEx Express, Hainan Airlines, and Shenzhen Airlines, served by a number of domestic and international airlines connecting multiple points of the globe. Approximately 52 million passengers per year are served on Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport’s three long runways.

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News and Awards

So far, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is having a second Terminal 2 (T2) constructed – connecting to Terminal 1 (T1) – including a multi-level parking garage and parking lot, transportation center, and a Metro station, expected for opening within the airport by 2018.

Also, a subway line connecting the city and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is underway.

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Concluding Words

Staying in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport isn’t as uncomfortable as it is with other airports. CAN’s indoor facilities, establishments, and services make travel a great experience for its users.

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