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El Dorado International Airport overview ReviewsEl Dorado International Airport serves the greater area of Bogota city, the capital of Colombia as South America’s third-largest airport and is among the world’s 50 busiest airports in terms of passenger traffic, cargo traffic, and passenger movements. El Dorado International Airport holds the distinction of being Colombia’s largest airport and is the country’s main national and international gateway, managed by Operadora Aeroportuaria Internacional (OPAIN). Also, the airport records the world’s third-largest landing field for any type of aircraft.at 6.9 square km.

Since, the term “nuevo” had been added to El Dorado International Airport’s name on the recent construction of its new terminal. Our El Dorado International Airport reviews overview the Colombian air facility and its basic amenities, facilities, and services.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

Based on 59 El Dorado International Airport reviews on Airlinequality, the airport garnered a 6-star rating score. Mostly, these El Dorado International Airport reviews loved the airport’s professional staff service albeit wishing that there were more food and shopping establishments inside.

El Dorado International Airport user ReviewsOne of the El Dorado International Airport reviews even quoted, “Beautiful brand new airport. Still under renovation but quite a pleasant experience to use and transit it. The domestic concourse has some shopping/dining choices that are still insufficient in variety and space. Once all of the remodeling/expansion work is done this airport will definitely become a must-consider even if your destination is Colombia or another country. One of the best airports I have ever used. Highly recommended.”


El Dorado International Airport store ReviewsMost flight activities are processed through El Dorado International Airport’s main terminals, T1 and T2 – mainly at the El Dorado terminal and with domestic flights partially processed through the Puente Aereo terminal; both are a kilometer apart connected by shuttle bus service. In both terminals, there are information desks to assists all types of passengers with an additional tourist information desk in Arrivals.

El Dorado International Airport store 2 ReviewsAccording to El Dorado International Airport reviews, the airport has “clean facilities, lots of charging spots, and sleeping areas. Staff and security generally don’t mind the many overnight guests.” Airport terminals are located at the national and international terminals available for impromptu resting and refreshment areas.

Wifi Internet connectivity is free in Terminal 2.


El Dorado International Airport driving ReviewsEl Dorado International Airport lies 15 km northwest from the city center of Bogota. If driving via a personal vehicle, the total drive time of approximately 20 minutes originates from downtown Bogota using motorway Avenida El Dorado 26 which flows directly to El Dorado International Airport.

Location – Traffic – Service

According to the most recent statistics, El Dorado International Airport had accommodated 30 million passengers and 769,823 of tonnage. The airport consists of 2 runways. Avianca, Copa Airlines Colombia, LATAM, Satena, EasyFly, VivaColombia use El Dorado International Airport as a hub. For a comprehensive list of the destinations of El Dorado International Airport, using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link.

News and Awards

By late 2017, the ongoing terminal work at El Dorado International Airport is to be completed which will expand the terminal by 38% and increase flight operations from 50 to 90 per hour for greater passenger capacity.

Furthermore, Skytrax awarded El Dorado International Airport the “Best Airport in South America” and “’Number 46 among the 100 top worldwide airports” awards, along with a four-star rating according to passenger satisfaction on March 16, 2016.

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El Dorado International Airport aerial view ReviewsEl Dorado International Airport has great services that would be improved if they approached their customers more warmly and if they really learned the ropes of customer satisfaction.

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