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Brest Bretagne Airport control tower ReviewsInternational airport Brest Bretagne Airport used to be known as Brest Guipavas Airport, and serves Brest, France. Brest Bretagne Airport is the largest airport in Britanny and is among the most prominent airports in France. It opened on June 12, 1937 and operates flights to a number of destinations in Europe and Africa with 1 terminal. The Chamber of Commerce and the introduction of charter flights to popular vacation destinations helped increase their passenger volume noticeably.

Our Brest Bretagne Airport reviews assess the overall quality of the airport based on information about their basic infrastructure and establishments.

Reviews – What People Are Saying

Brest Bretagne Airport had received a relatively high score of 4 out of five from the most recent Brest Bretagne Airport reviews wherein the traveller praised the “pleasant” size of the airport – it made his transit process simpler. The reviewer further added that the size of the main building was perfect for the number of facilities and services inside; and, that he wished his extensive travelling could be improved with Brest Bretagne Airport’s better connections to public transportation.

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Brest Bretagne Airport interior ReviewsAirport travelers can find an information desk in the central hall of the first floor that can be contacted at +33 298 328 600. On the ground floor, passengers can dine at the restaurant and coffee shop or opt for the cafe; there are three bars and restaurants at Brest Bretagne Airport overlooking the facilities. The Britt Kafé offers drinks and snacks amidst a setting of leather sofas and armchairs; the Bagad Café offers a great view of the activities on the runway.

According to this link, Brest Bretagne Airport sells apparel, accessories, jewellery, newspapers and magazines, tobacco, books, gifts, cosmetics, local products in their stores where a Duty Free store is available for international passengers in the Departures area.

Passengers eager for information and entertainment can access the free and unlimited Wifi Internet service when they connect to “Wifi by CCIBREST.”


Brest Bretagne Airport directions Reviews

Brest Bretagne Airport is located within the commune of Guipavas and is situated 10.2 km northeast of Brest in the département of Finistère. You can access the airport using highways Brest-Morlaix-Rennes (exit 50) and Brest-Quimper-Nantes (Exit 60). Picking up and dropping off of passengers can be done, parking facing the terminal.

Location – Traffic – Service

As of the most recent counts, the French airport had accommodated around 1 million passengers within a year using two asphalt runways. Serving mostly France, Brest Bretagne Airport flies its regular and low-cost airlines to other European and world destinations.

The airport’s main operator is Air France. For a comprehensive list of the destinations of Brest Bretagne Airport, using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link.

News and Awards

As of July 2015, Shell Aviation started its partnership with Brest Bretagne Airport as the latter’s exclusive supplier and operator, operating the airport’s fuel storage facilities and into-plane services through its subsidiary, Avitair, and providing exclusive services Jet A-1 and Avgas. Brest Bretagne Airport’s location in Europe and passenger volume of a million fliers in a year contributed to Shell Aviation’s decision to collaborate with the airport.

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: BES
  • Phone number: +33 2 9832 8600
  • Website URL:
  • Email:
  • Any other contact info you might find:
  • Address: CCI Aeroport Brest Bretagne, Guipavas, F-29490, France


Brest Bretagne Airport overview ReviewsBrest Bretagne Airport has not been receiving much Brest Bretagne Airport reviews online but they had been servicing their passengers competently throughout the years and are founded strongly on foundations that many people find agreeable.

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