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Pobeda Airlines Reviews brand logoPobeda Airlines is a fairly new low-cost airline that was registered on September 16, 2014; at this time, only Aeroflot was the budget carrier’s shareholder. On November 11, 2014, Pobeda Airlines received an air operator’s certificate and on December 1, 2014, flew for the first time from Moscow-Vnukovo to Volgograd.

Russian Pobeda Airlines, according to Pobeda Airlines reviews, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aeroflot that operates scheduled services to 22 domestic and international destinations, the list of which you can view here.

Origins and Ownership

The main operating base of Pobeda Airlines is located at Moscow-Vnukovo with its secondary hubs at Anapa and Sochi; the Russian airline is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. According to the most recent Pobeda Airlines reviews, the low-cost airline has a fleet composed of 12 Boeing 737–800.

Pobeda Airlines Reviews CEO

Pobeda Airlines CEO Andrey Kalmykov

Andrey Kalmykov has been the CEO of Pobeda Airlines since September 16, 2014.

Comments From Customers

We were able to read Pobeda Airlines reviews from TripAdvisor, and the mix of positive and negative Pobeda Airlines reviews gave the low-cost airline a rating of 3.5/5 based on 407 Pobeda Airlines reviews.

In these Pobeda Airlines reviews, customers mainly commented that this airline is a low-cost airline that wouldn’t be serving food and drinks onboard but which would still have professional customer service and clean amenities and facilities inflight. In fact, Pobeda Airlines’ highest score was in terms of their cleanliness, whereas for value for money, reviewers note their satisfaction flying with them.

Their Services

Pobeda Airlines Reviews aircraftTheir official website features a blue and white colour scheme and is generally encouraging to browse. The language is originally in Russian by default, though the option to translate and the option to change the language to your preference is clearly showing at the top of the homepage.

From their site, people can accomplish the normal airline website functions such as manage their booking and register online. Their upper tabs will guide you on searching and booking flights, hotels, and car rental services, as well.

Pobeda Airlines’ current flights are featured to inspire visitors further to travel with them; these include the destination’s price and when is the flight. Sign up for the airline’s newsletter by entering in your email address to subscribe for alerts, notifications, and updates. Pobeda Airlines has a mobile app version of their airline website’s services, available on iOS and Android and which will allow its users to book, reserve, subscribe, and more, check their app out here in this link.

A lot of information is actually showing about how to prepare for your flight with Pobeda Airlines, check them out on the official website. You can make special arrangements depending on your unique travelling condition such as if you want priority boarding of if you have an unaccompanied child onboard.

Contact Details:

  • Website URL: www.pobeda.aero
  • Contact number: +7 809 505 47 77, +7 499 215 23 00
  • Contact Email: feedback@pobeda.aero
  • Fax: +7 499 427 11 02
  • Head Office Address: Moscow, Russia

Final Words

Pobeda Airlines Reviews tail viewPobeda Airlines is worth the price of your ticket; if you want to save on finances while still receiving the basic services you’d expect from low-cost airlines, or when you’re simply seeking a flight and nothing ostentatious, Pobeda Airlines is a good choice and is actually currently exceeding passengers’ expectations.

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