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Cuban airline Aerogaviota traces its roots to its establishment by the Cuban army, wherein it commenced operations in 1994. They are wholly-owned by the Government of Cuba and run by Corporación de la Aviación Civil S.A of Cuba. Meanwhile, we see from Aerogaviota reviews, that Aerogaviota’s parent company is GAVIOTA, S.A.

Background and History

Aerogaviota is a Cuban airline that has its base and headquarters located in Havana, Cuba, where it flies and operates from its main base, Playa Baracoa Airport. The airline is used to provide domestic passenger charter services for the national tourist authority.

As of the most recent Aerogaviota reviews, Aerogaviota has a fleet size consisting of 22 aircraft, with 4 ATR 42-500 as of August 2016. Also, the following are domestic and international destinations that Aerogaviota flies to: Baracoa, Cayo Largo del Sur, Havana, Holguín, Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, Varadero, and Kingston and Montego Bay, Jamaica.

What Users Have to Say

Aerogaviota Reviews cabin serviceThere are few Aerogaviota reviews, though, we were able to read a thread on TripAdvisor that talked about what’s going on with the airline. Swain, who started the conversation on the website, had been unsuccessfully trying to book flights with Aerogaviota, saying that he had been encountering reports that some flights were running and others suspended; later on, he said, ‘Thank you very much for your advice – After 2 months of trying, I’ve finally succeeded!

It appears that the only way to book is to deselect the return trip option and book both ‘ways’ separately – why I didn’t think of that originally, I have no idea!” He was able to book return trips using the Aerogaviota website by manually entering in his trip details for each way, and expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all who’d left their feedback on TripAdvisor.

Their Website

Aerogaviota Reviews official websiteTheir official website is in the local language by default, though the option to change to suit your own language is clearly signposted once you arrive on their page. Their pages have a blue and purple colour scheme that’s pleasant and easy to browse through, and the rest of the website is well-organised as well.

According to Aerogaviota reviews, all of Aerogaviota’s aircraft use economy configuration. The main services of the Cuban airline, based on their official website, are regular flights, flights for business, helicopter flights, and cargo flights. Some of these services are special and can be exclusively arranged with the Aerogaviota company, are fully customised and cater to your intended destination. Aerogaviota expands its services by adding more domestic and international destinations with their clients’ needs in mind.

Contact Details:

  • Website URL
  • Contact number: +53 7 203 0668
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax: +53 7 204 5603
  • Head Office Address: Avenida 47, No 2814, Reparto Kolhy, Havana, Cuba

Concluding Words

Aerogaviota Reviews airplaneThough there is limited information about Aerogaviota, I would recommend them for adventurous travellers who want a new experience on a new airline. This Cuban airline promises a unique journey to their passengers that’s tailor-made to fit all their wishes and helps their own satisfactory rating.

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