Thailand is one of the most desirable destinations not only in South East Asia, but for travellers around the world. It’s visited for its rich cultural experience and noted for its beautiful heritage and delicious cuisine. With all the things that you can do in Thailand, the first step to initiate yourself into their lifestyle is to remember that Thais do things differently, which is why we compiled these 5 Weird Things Not to Do in Thailand. Knowing what you can and, here, cannot do will teach you the two sides of the coin that is Thailand.

5 Weird Things Not to Do in Thailand place water

1. Don’t party too hard

5 Weird Things Not to Do in Thailand party

Foreigners and tourists – and even locals – know how to party hard in Thailand. But, there’s an extent to all-night partying that overstepping it can spell danger. If you’re drinking a lot or at a beach, make sure you’re safe in the wee hours and that you don’t eventually break any laws. Hard partying isn’t a crime but you’d want to keep a smart level head throughout the night, whether or not it’s a Full Moon Party, so your Thailand adventure won’t get totally wasted.

2. Don’t bring in your dirty footwear indoors

5 Weird Things Not to Do in Thailand footwear

Thais consider the feet to be the dirtiest part of the body, given that it’s in constant direct contact with the floor and accumulates a lot of germs or because it’s the lowest part of the body. Especially if you’re in a religious setting, take of all your footwear; and, this applies to people’s homes, and some offices and buildings, as well.

You’ll actually see images of Thais’ or tourists’ footwear at the entrance of a building, and what you ought to do is follow their cultural gesture of respect.

3. Don’t encourage the small stuff

5 Weird Things Not to Do in Thailand Thai elephant

From women to street children to animals: helping them means condoning their wrong ways or nature in Thailand. There are some limitations in this Asian country about how to behave towards a new thing or person, for those people may just be trained criminals or animals hiding a wild murdering streak. Patronising and helping them in their poverty or condition is tantamount to supporting the trade they’re in, especially the case with the often endangered animals that ought to be protected.

4. Don’t lose face or run out of patience

5 Weird Things Not to Do in Thailand transport

It’s customary for Thais to take themselves seriously, even when they’re usually polite and nice people. They take their personal pride and opposite shame as a matter of life and death, and hold on stoically to behaving in certain respectable honorable ways so they don’t lose their cool, especially in public.

When dealing with people, they are mightily offended by the rude and the brash. Also, don’t negotiate in Thailand after deciding on something, especially if it involves money.

5. Don’t take the Buddha out of the Thailand

5 Weird Things Not to Do in Thailand Buddha image

Stores can sell you Buddha images but it’s against Thai law to take or send them out of the country. For that, you’ll need to secure special permission to do so.

5 Weird Things Not to Do in Thailand woman Thai

Thailand’s proven to be an interesting eccentric place. To enjoy your time here, educate yourself on Thai customs or ways of life, traditions, and especially the on the things not to do so you won’t make a bad impression to their sense of self.

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