5 Fun Facts About France

5 Fun Facts About France mapFrance, who can resist the French charm and not get swept up by the tides and torrents of life in that most-visited country in Europe – where geographically it occupies almost a fifth of the total land of the European Union countries.

We’d written before about Parisian chocolate shops, though we hadn’t quite had enough of this artistic and lovely country, and we need more to chew on from these 5 Fun Facts About France. Prepare the next time you are in France: check out our 5 Fun Facts About France to know what to expect and what strange things you can discover about France.

  1. 5 Fun Facts About France touristTourist Reaper – We’re talking about all things travel-related, and it’s perfectly apt to observe that France is currently known as being the most successful tourism-wise, nestled with the crown of being the world’s most-visited country – annual tourist figures are expected to hit 100 million by 2030 from the most recent counts of 84 million in a year.
  2. Victor Hugo Street – Do5 Fun Facts About France street Victor Hugo you know who Victor Hugo is? He’s one of the most well-known and most revered French writers, a novelist, poet, and dramatist hailing from the artistic Romantic movement, better remembered for his Les Misérables and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, which had both been turned into blockbuster movies and Disney cartoon movies. In France, they honor his genius their own way with a Victor Hugo street in every town.
  3. 5 Fun Facts About France Napoleon pigNapoleon and Other Names – Some of you may have grown up reading classic French literature or history; to reference our observation about Victor Hugo street, so another Fun Facts About France is that some of their towns are named weird names, which are usually French terms with strange English equivalents or the English word “Condom.” Also, you can’t name your pet pig “Napoleon” – it’s illegal.
  4. 5 Fun Facts About France pants law5 Fun Facts About France womanWomen and Trousers – I know France for their fashion and many stylish jetsetters hail from France; it’s quite surprising to know that until most recently, in 2013, wearing trousers for women was actually against the law in France. This restrictive law on feminine attire, imposed on November 17, 1800, apparently was set so that women won’t be like men in terms of office or occupation – so they wouldn’t “dress like men” – if ever wearing pants made them feel so. The government lifted this rule stating that it’s incompatible with the equality between men and women and with modernity.
  5. 5 Fun Facts About France diningBad Luck in Customs – Lastly, culture-wise, we face this interwoven complexity involving France’s culture, dining, and transportation: It’s considered polite to say “Bon Appetit,” before beginning eating, and the most polite restaurant customers get preferential treatment: the French are big on politeness; however, if you cross your glass in a toast it’s believed you’ll receive 7 years of, well, bad intercourse. Also, snails – a common French delicacy – and other small animals need to pay full Passenger fare in high-speed trains.

5 Fun Facts About France villaFrance is more than a “hexagon” of preoccupations and possibilities, France is Fun and full of love, light, and lasting happiness, where the basic pursuit of meaning of life is the adventure of every day.

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