We use certain items everyday for normal tasks, but didn’t realise that these can function for travel purposes. From binder clips to egg trays to household appliances like lamp bulbs, these surprising everyday travel items are found everywhere and have uses that can come in handy when travelling. Check out five of them, here in our list of everyday items with surprising travel uses:

5 Everyday Travel Items clothes

1. Binder Clips

5 Everyday Travel Items binder clip

Searching around for your charger when in a sticky situation, either at the office at the airport or anywhere new, can be frustrating. When your charging cords are lost inside your bag, a binder clip or clips will come in surprising use. Thread the head of the charger or wind the cord around the head of the binder clip to keep everything organised and within reach. This will prevent the wires from tangling and keep the chargers together in one neat row.

2. Double-Duty Dry Bag

5 Everyday Travel Items dry bag

A waterproof bag would do the trick absolutely anywhere, and especially when you’re near water. Use this to store small important travel items on your person. Also, though lots of other things can double as pillows on the plane or while waiting at the airport, a dry bag is something you probably already packed that’s the easiest though rather unexpected double as a pillow. A dry waterproof bag can easily be compressed for use as a pillow and for storage of other bigger travel items like bulky sweaters.

3. Packing Cube

5 Everyday Travel Items packing cube

Though not exactly surprising, packing cubes are the ultimate multipurpose travel items on this list that can be used everyday in a multitude of ways. From storing shoes, very small items, and of course, for packing and compressing heavier items when travelling, packing cubes are a great investment that’ll maximise your luggage space and organise the packing process when you’re stumped where to start. The sheer choices and the different styles give you the chance to pack your stuff just the way you want.

4. Shoe Holder or Shoe Container or an Egg Box

5 Everyday Travel Items shoe holder

Cruise travellers swear by everyday household shoe holders as makeshift travel organisers. Others suggest cutting up an empty or used egg carton for use as a container for smaller items like jewellery or accessories. No need to spend on expensive travel organisers with these. The old-looking everyday items won’t attract unwanted attention from the airport throughout the rest of your travel.

5. Hot Lamp Bulb and Hair Dryer

5 Everyday Travel Items lamp bulb

Some hotel rooms may not have ironing amenities or housekeeping that would help you with your laundry. When your clothes are ready for ironing and there are no irons in sight, safely remove the warm bulb off the lamp and use it to smooth and iron out wrinkles on your clothing. Hair dryers can do pretty much the same thing, drying more than just your hair when you’re travelling.

When travelling, it pays to be resourceful not only to save money but to leave a better footprint wherever you are. When things transform for other uses, you’ll discover the value for money that can define how you experience travel.

5 Everyday Travel Items items use

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