The 5 Beautiful Outdoor Sculptures in the World can be enigmatic to many or a call to deliberation to some, like the rest of the art works we experience in our daily lives. The following are stunning sculptures that merited their inclusion in our list by their beauty and deep significance in society, where people can appreciate the creations of men:

5 Most Beautiful Outdoor Sculptures in the World The Thinker

1. Mustangs by Robert Glen

Irving, Texas, USA

5 Most Beautiful Outdoor Sculptures in the World Mustangs

At a “breathtaking,” frenetic, and passionate dance of time, sinewy musculature, and movement, catch up with the frenzy of the nine galloping Mustang horses that adorn Las Colinas square in Irving, Texas, United States of America. These beautiful bronze statues are 1.5 times the size of real-life mustangs, which historically dwelt in the area and whose importance as symbols of Texas also represents the strength and drive of the state back in the pioneer days.

The lively horses have neat tricks: fountains at their hooves through the watercourse they run across, creating the impression of splashing water at their steps.

2. Les Voyageurs by Bruno Catalano

Marseille, France

5 Most Beautiful Outdoor Sculptures in the World Les Voyageurs

A series of curious bronze sculptures was displayed to celebrate Marseille’s recognition as the 2013 European Capital of Culture. These depict “beautifully imperfect” human workers with large portions of their bodies missing or omitted, with physical frames precariously perched on sometimes delicate bases. Looking like they’re off for the daily grind, the work of art begins with the speculation of what these missing body parts or somber ambiance possibly mean as an ethereal call about life.

3. Vestige Mirrored Sculptures by Rob Mulholland


5 Most Beautiful Outdoor Sculptures in the World Vestige

Near David Marshall Lodge in Scotland, if you walk into the woods, you’ll find yourself face to face with eerie installation pieces: life size “mirror” figures of three men and three women that were created to link time, nature, and memory with that place. Complicatedly and poetically analysing relationships of man, with another, with nature, and with the abstract, Vestige reflects history’s past inhabitants of the area through the outdoor sculptures, and will one day reflect you and where you stand in existence.

4. First Generation from “People of the River” by Chong Fah Cheong


5 Most Beautiful Outdoor Sculptures in the World First Generation

First Generation’s Cheong, awarded the Cultural Medallion in 2014, unveiled a striking image of daily life in bygone Singapore with an eternal image of five young boys – cast in bronze – pushing and jumping right into the Singapore River near the Fullerton Hotel. The iconic outdoor sculpture was unveiled on December 31, 2000 and remembers how life was like for Singaporeans in the natural postures of children at play.

5. Charles La Trobe Statue by Charles Robb

Melbourne, Australia

5 Most Beautiful Outdoor Sculptures in the World Charles La Trobe

Admittedly the most unusual on the list, though still one of the 5 Beautiful Outdoor Sculptures in the World, is one tied with Victoria’s first lieutenant-governor Charles La Trobe who had helped establish many institutions in Australia and who has an outdoor sculpture at La Trobe University, albeit upside down. Robb, its Melbourne sculptor, didn’t mean to offend, meaning to communicate that ideas should turn on their heads; the world-famous Charles La Trobe Statue sparks interest where it made its home in Bundoora, Australia.

Sculptures are physical blocks that make people contemplate on existence and the deeper meanings beneath life, making them an enriching presence in our own.

5 Most Beautiful Outdoor Sculptures in the World Horse

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